How LNK.KE Works + Features

How LNK.KE Works + Features

11.Aug.2021 is a free and simple, but powerful link shortener tool that helps affiliate marketers, journalists, influencers, website owners and agencies compress their looooong urls into short sweet links that can easily be tracked and monetized.

Our link shortener tool has everything you need to target, retarget, track, analyze, monetize and measure every short link that you share.


How Does Work?

It's very simple, really.

All you have to do is sign up for free (you can always upgrade/downgrade any time from your dashboard).

Once you activate your account and log in, you will be able to shorten any long link and track it from your dashboard.

You can also use the advanced options to set targeting, tracking pixels, and more. Features

1. Determine The Behaviour Of Your Link.


You can set your shortened link to take a visitor directly to the intended website, or serve the intended website inside a frame of your choice.

You can also set it to have a custom splash page that can serve as a landing page or even a place to serve an ad to your visitors before they are directed to the intended site.

Finally, you can use the overlay feature to serve an ad, a poll, a form or a pop up on the intended site. This can either be a monetization strategy or you can simply use it to bring users back to your website.


2. Beautiful Profiles


Create beautiful profiles with a click and share a single link on social media platforms.


3. Bring Your Team Onboard

The new team feature allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as a team. This is perfect for collaboration!


4. Use Your Own Custom Domain supports your own business/branded domain. Simply add it on your dashboard and start shortening links.


5. Bundles And Link Rotator

The bundle feature allows you to regroup some links and will generate a special link where you will be able to send that to people. That special link will allow them to see all links in the bundle and use them. This new feature allows a bundle to act as a rotator. The special link will rotate links randomly and will send the user to a short link within the bundle.


6. Geo-targeting & Device Targeting System

You can choose to redirect visitors to a different page according to their location or their device. 


7. Advanced API System

Use our powerful API to integrate the link shortener into your websites and applications at no extra cost.


8. Powerful Link Customization


9. Integrations

You can integrate with Slack, Zapier, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager


10. Complete Analytics

Track each short link in real-time and measure its performance. We provide you info about clicks, social media clicks, page referrer, devices, browsers, systems, GEO location etc.


11. Custom Aliases

These are the type of short links that allows you to customize the short link by appending the keyword you want to target the users.

Ex: Hereafter seeing this URL, the user gets to know that the link talks about the latest phones, so it helps the user to know what he is gonna click on. Hence the user will get interested and will come to your website


12. QR Code Generated Automatically generates a QR code of the short link for printing flyers, posters, and much more. By scanning the QR code user will be automatically redirected to the destination URL.


13. Password Protected Links

You can restrict access to your short link by setting the password protection to the random or custom short link. This way you can protect sensitive data from random users.


14. Premium Support

As a Standard plan or Premium plan subscriber, you are entitled to premium support. If you have a question, we would be happy to answer it. Also if you need a quick hint, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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